Web Pages for Current Books:

The Dragonfly Book

(copyrights 2002-2008)

The Macaw Book

(copyrights 2010-2014)

Texas Biology

(The Egret Book)

(copyright 2015)


Archived Web Pages:

The Elephant Book

(copyrights 1991-2000)

The Lioness Book

(copyright 1998)


Web Sites for our Older Books

We've been building web sites for our textbooks ever since the "Elephant Book" first appeared in the 1990s. Since that book and our "Lioness Book" are long out of print, we've taken down their web sites. The servers on which they were hosted, in fact, no longer exist, so we really didn't have a choice.

However, thanks to the Internet Archive "Wayback Machine," you can still retrieve many of the pages from those websites. As you might expect, since some of the pages are more than 15 years old, some of the images are missing and many links are outdated. Nonetheless, there's still plenty of useful information to be had, which is why we've constructed this Archive page to make these sites available.

We also hope you'll take the time to explore our current work, including our bestselling national edition, the "Macaw Book." If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call or write!


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