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The Three Domains of Life

An interactive explanation of the 3-domain classification system. From the University of California.

The Tree of Life Web Project

An extraordinary site that allows students to explore the domains of life


Chapter 18
In this chapter, students will read about the Linnean system of classification and how the meaning and methods of biological classification have changed with the advent of evolutionary theory and modern molecular methods of comparison. Students will also read about changes to the five-kingdom system, including the six-kingdom and three-domain systems. The links below lead to additional resources to help you with this chapter. These include Hot Links to Web sites related to the topics in this chapter, the Take It to the Net activities referred to in your textbook, a Self-Test you can use to test your knowledge of this chapter, and Teaching Links that instructors may find useful for their students.

Chapter Self-Test
Teaching Links
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Take it to the Net

The Three Domains of Life (at left)

What are Web Codes?
Web Codes for Chapter 18:
Searching for New Species (p. 456)
SciLinks - Cassification (p. 448)
SciLinks - Domains of Life (p. 458)
Chapter 18 Self-Test

Special Resources for Teaching Biological Classification:

Making Cladograms (a lesson plan from Indiana University)
Evolution of Flight in Birds (a student-teacher site from the Univ. of California)
The Missing Link (A classroom activity from NOVA)
A Tree of Life Cladogram (from the American Museum of Natural History)
What is Cladistics? (an explanation of cladograms)
What did T rex taste like? (An explanation of Biological classification. "Folder 3" deals specifically with cladograms)





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