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The World of Microscopy

An incredibly complete site (from Florida State Univ.) complete with special sections on the optics and history of the microscope, and even a series of web-operated virtual microscopes. Be sure not to miss the Virtual SEM - a Scanning Electron Microscope you can "operate" over the web!)

Do Plant Cells contain Lysosomes?
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Chapter 7
Cell Structure & Function

In this chapter, students will read about the structure of cells and their organelles, important cellular functions, and the basic organization of cells in a multicellular organism. ..... The links below lead to additional resources to help you with this chapter. These include Hot Links to Web sites related to the topics in this chapter, the Take It to the Net activities referred to in your textbook, a Self-Test you can use to test your knowledge of this chapter, and Teaching Links that instructors may find useful for their students.

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What are Web Codes?
Web Codes for Chapter 7:
Active Art: Cell Structure
Active Art: Diffusion
Active Art: Osmosis
Active Art: Active Transport
Activity: Animal Cell Structure
Science News: Cells
SciLinks: Cell Theory
SciLinks: Cell Membranes
New: Rewritten Section 7-3: A draft treatment of osmosis in light of the discovery of the water channel protein, aquaporin.

Podcasts for Chapter 7:

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• Introduction to Chapter 7 (from Ken Miller)

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• Can you touch the Cytoskeleton?
• Using mitochondria to reunite Families.
• Want to know a Secret about Osmosis?





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