Unit 4



At the beginning of Unit 4, Ken Miller posed these questions about the scientific future:

• Can we use the information from the Human Genome Project effectively to cure disease and alleviate human suffering?
• Will we develop ways to use genetic engineering wisely and respect the natural environment of the world in which we live?

Can We use the Information from the Human Genome Project to Cure Disease?

Genetic Disease Information A page from the Human Genome Project. It contains general information about genetic disorders, and links to a variety of sites that deal with particular disorders.

A Gateway to the Human Genome Also from the Human Genome Project, this page presents students and teachers with an entry point to explore the results of the Genome Project, especially those with relevance to human health.

Nature and Nurture in Disease The Genome Project has revealed that both nature (the genome) and nurture (the environment) are important in disease. This news article gives some of the details. You may also want to look at the Environmental Genome Project for more information on this topic.

The Three Genomes of Whooping Cough Scientists are now using genomic information from bacteria to develop new, more effective vaccines against diseases like whooping cough.

Will we Develop Ways to Use Genetic Engineering Wisely?

Food Fight Scientific review of a new book on the disputes over genetically-modified (GM) food.

"A New Kind of Fish Story" An article on transgenic animals in the food supply - from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Genetically Engineered Organisms A public issues information page from Cornell University. This site contains detailed information on new scientific developments in genetic engineering, as well as discussions of the ethical and social questions surrounding such organisms.

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