Human Genome Project

Resources for Education and Exploration


Exploring our Molecular Selves (a genome project education kit)

Genetic Education Center (University of Kansas)

National Human Genome Research Center (at NIH)

Human Genome Project Information (at Department of Energy)

Human Genome Project Educational resources

A Primer on Molecular Genetics

Modern Genetics for all Students (from Washington Univ.)

Blazing a Genetic Trail (from the Hughes Foundation)

The DNA Learning Center (Cold Spring Harbor Lab)

DNA from the Beginning (an animated scientific tour)

DNA "Chips" (a detailed DNA lab guide for teachers)

The Genome News Network (from the Institute for Genomic Research)


These resources, from a wide variety of educational institutions and laboratories, provide material that may be useful in the science classroom and laboratory.

We particulary recommend "Exploring our Molecular Selves" an education kit that can be ordered from the web (The molecular graphic shown above is taken from this web site)





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