A Guide to Exploring the Human Genome

©2006 Prof. Kenneth Miller
Brown University

(may be duplicated and used without charge for educational purposes)


I've prepared a Guide to Exploring the Human Genome databases that can be downloaded and used in your classroom or teaching lab.

It explains (briefly) how to use the three principal search sites listed below, and gives a number of search examples that will enable students to complete assignments of the type I have posted in the "Scavenger Hunt" pages of this web site.

Click Here for an Adobe Acrobat PDF copy of the Search Guide (About 3 Pages)

(Last Update: 6/7/06)

The DNA sequences of the human genome are now accessible by more than a hundred databases and searching tools on the World Wide Web. For ease of use, I've decided to focus on just one easy-to-use tool, the UCSC Genome Browser, which can be accessed from the millerandlevine web site:

Primary Resource: The UCSC Genome Browser:


Happy Gene Hunting!

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