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 Stem Cells: Peril and Prospects

The term "Stem Cell" is used to refer to an unspecialized cell from which the highly specialized cells and tissues of the body develop. Stem cells appear early in embryonic development, but are also present in adult tissues. Because of their abilities to develop into more specialized cells, there is great hope that stem cells can be used for therapies that might involve the production of brain, heart, or blood tissue to treat injury and disease.

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Stem Cells are discussed in a technology and Society Feature on Page 253 of the Dragonfly Book.

Stem Cell News Updates:

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Web Resources on Stem Cells:

Stem Cell Basics
An easy to understand Introduction to stem cells and stem cell research from the National Institutes of Health.

Stem Cell News (Detailed news reports on stem cell research sponsored by the National Institutes of Health. Updated regularly)

Author Ken Miller on a Stem Cell Breakthrough
From the June 7, 2007 edition of The NewsHour (a PBS news and public affairs program)

Scientific Report: Embryonic Stem Cells
This 1998 press release from the University of Wisconsin was the first report of the successful culturing of human embryonic stem cells. (It includes a series of micrographs of the cells).

Stem Cells Improve Stroke Recovery
A BBC report on experiments suggesting that stem cells may be used to help stroke victims, based upon preliminary studies in mice

Should Federal Funds be used for Stem Cell Research?
A point-counterpoint debate, from Physician's Weekly.

Criticism of Embryonic Stem Cell Research
Ethical and scientific arguments against stem cell research from a foundation opposed to it.

"Breakthrough" on Human Embryonic Stem Cells Found to be Fraudulent
Reports from a Korean laboratory that human embryonic stem cells had been produced by nuclear transfer have tuyrned out to be false (PDF).

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