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Questions and Answers about BIOLOGY


Authors Ken Miller and Joe Levine answer your questions about Biology.

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Do Plant Cells contain lysosomes? (from Loren, a teacher in Texas)

After our electricity went out, maggots appeared in meat that had been in our freezer. Where did they come from? (from Xasha, a student in Puerto Rico)

How do muscle cells heal after being cut? (from Karen, a teacher in Oregon)

If E. coli is normally found in the human gut, then why does food that is contaminated with E. coli make us sick? (from Mary, a teacher in Washington State)

How many ATPs are actually made during the Krebs cycle? Is the real nummber 36, 38, or something else? (from Angelique, a teacher in Michigan)

Why is it that hair exposed to the sun gets lighter, but skin exposed to the sun gets darker? (from Jen, a teacher in California)

Why don't bacterial cells have nucleoli? (from Melissa, a teacher in Texas)

How can you tell how old a plant root is? (from Caito, a student in California)

How do ions flow across the Neuron cell membrane? (from Richard, a teacher in Michigan)

What is the difference between radical and bilaterall symmetry?

What techniques have improved crop yields during the past several decades? (from Wendy, a student in New York)

Can you give any examples of cases in which knowledge of Ecology has helped the Environment? (from Anthony, in New York)

How do plants balance their need for carbon dioxide with their need to prevent dehydration?

My teacher said the chicken egg isn't one big cell, but that the little white membrane looking thing that is attached to the yolk is the CELL — not the whole thing. Is that right? (from a student in Kentucky)

I was wondering if you knew how the Endoplasmic Reticulum got its name or who discovered it.

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