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Chapter 12 describes the structure and replication of DNA, the processes of transcription and translation, and the regulation of gene expression.

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The Watson & Crick paper
It's just a single page - and is a masterpiece of scientific writing

Chapter 12

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to learn about how this ribosome model was produced at Dr. Joachim Frank's lab at the Wadsworth Institute in Albany, N. Y.

• The Dragonfly book uses an innovative Circular Genetic Code Table. Click Here to learn why.

Click on the images (above) to download our circular code table, or a traditional rectangular table.

What's the difference between a Purine and a Pyrimidine? Do you know? There was a mistake in early printings of the Dragonfly Book on page 291 that might have confused you on this point. Click here for the details

Be sure to visit the Dolan DNA Learning Center at Cold Spring Harbor. This site features a wealth of information on how DNA works, and how crucial discoveries in genetics and molecular biology were made.


More on the Hox Genes (p. 312) can be found in articles from:
Scientific American
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What's "The Secret of Photo 51?" It's the inside story of Rosalind Franklin and her role in the discovery of the Double Helix structure. Click to visit a special NOVA web site describing the story behind Rosalind Franklin's remarkable X-ray photograph of DNA, which provided the crucial evidence for the double helix model of DNA.

Click to watch a Quicktime Preview of the Show.

DNA Origami

Download this Origami DNA model to fold your own paper double helix. Click here for the instructions and here to download and print the template.(from the Dolan DNA Learning Center)

Other DNA Resources from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory:

An illustrated history of the Story of DNA.

DNA Interactive. An innovative, interactive learning site for the study of DNA.

How genes influence your health - and what you can do about it.

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