by Miller & Levine

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Additional Resources:

Is there Life in a Desert of Ice?
Check out this page on life at the North Pole

Cycles of Change in the Forest
This web page at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry shows ecological succession in the forests of the American Northwest


Ecosystems and Communities
Texas-Specific Resources for
Chapter 4

(Above) The Roy E. Larson Sandyland sanctuary, located in Hardin County in the heart of the Big Thicket region of southeast Texas.

An Ecoregional Map of Texas
From the Nature Conservancy, this map highlights Texas' major eco-regions

The Texas Environmental Center
An Austin-Based organization that specializes in CD-ROM based education materials and other resources focusing on the environment.

University of Texas Marine Science Institute
A branch of the University of Texas, with active research programs in marine science disciplines including the physiology, biochemistry and ecology of marine plants and animals; dynamics of marine ecosystems; biogeochemistry; mariculture; toxicology; and environmental monitoring. It is the oldest marine research station on the Texas Gulf Coast.

Texas Grasslands
Grasslands are among the most important of all Texas ecosystems. This page, from Texas parks and wildlife, highlights the grasslands and describes efforts to limit their destruction.

The Nature Conservancy in Texas
Web site of the Texas branch of the Nature Conservancy, highlighting some of the Nature Conservancy's most important projects around the state.


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