Kenneth R. Miller
Professor of Biology
Royce Family Professor for Teaching Excellence
Box G-L211
Brown University
Providence, Rhode Island 02912

Office: Sidney Frank Hall 211
Laboratory: Biomedical Center 273
Telephone: 401-863-3410


Previous Talks On-Line:
Fossils, Genes, & Mousetraps (HHMI)
Faraday Lecture
@Cambridge (Apr. 28, 2009)
Gregory Lecture
@ St. Andrews (Apr. 30, 2009)
Brown Univ. Opening Convocation
(Sept. 7, 2005) [Audio]
the Liberal Arts? Wake Forest Univ. (Oct. 19, 2005) [Video]
Lecture at Case Western
(Jan. 3, 2006)
Terry Lecture at Yale
(Sep. 15, 2006)

1/12/06 - The Colbert Report

Judgment Day (NOVA)
The Story of the Dover ID Trial

November 2005 - Brown Alumni Magazine Profile

Recent Opinion Pieces:

Ray Comfort & Kirk Cameron Distort Darwin's Origin of Species

• Francis Collins & NIH
NY Times 7/29/09
Unscientific America? 7/24/09
Thoughts of an 'Ardent Theist.' 6/10/09
Seals, Evolution, & the Real 'Missing Link.' 4/29/09
'This I Believe' 2/25/09 (audio)

News Articles:

The Mistakes that Argue for Evolution (NY Times 7/6/09)
Biology Textbooks in Texas
(Science 6/12/09)


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