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Edging Towards Irrelevance
A commentary on Michael Behe's claims about the
evolution of drug resistance in malaria. (December, 2014)

Evolution - Why it Matters to Biology (iBio Magazine)

Deconstructing Design (CSHL 2009)

Review of Ben Stein's "Expelled"
(Boston Globe, 2008)

Defending Evolution
(NOVA Interview - 2007)

Kitzmiller v. Dover
(Philadelphia Inquirer Op-Ed, 2005)

"Remove Stickers, Open Minds"
(Boston Globe Op-Ed, 2005)

Jan 2009:

"Smoke & Mirrors" at the Dover Trial?

A response to charges from the Discovery Institute:
Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3



Click for a printable copy of
my booklet explaining the
distortions in Ray Comfort's
"Preface" to The Origin.

Evolution & Religion:

Laetare Medal Address
(Notre Dame, 2014)

2008 Templeton Essays:
Science & God (PDF)
Hitchens v. Miller (debate)

"Darwin's Pope"
(Harvard Divinity Bulletin - Fall 2005)

In the Beginning
(Boston College Magazine, Summer 2006)

•Evolution and the Catholic Church
•The Cardinal's Mistake
•Open Letter to Pope Benedict on Evolution

Interviews @ ChristianityToday Library:
"Finding Darwin's God" (2004)
"A Higher Opinion of God" (2004)

Talks on Evolution:

January 17, 2015 - NY Encounter - The Emergence of the Human Face

January 12, 2006: The Colbert Report (no kidding) discusses evolution.

Nov. 8, 2002: NPR's Science Friday. An hourlong discussion of "Intelligent Design" and the new science curriculum in Ohio.

April 23, 2002: Debate on Intelligent Design at American Museum of Natural History (NYC) (A transcript of the debate is available on-line)

March 2, 2002: Evolution & God: Why Intelligent Design Theory Isn't Science (Cleveland, OH)

Older Files:

"The Flagellum Unspun - The Collapse of Irreducible Complexity."
Scientific studies of ID's "poster child," the bacterial flagellum, have destroyed this "icon" of the anti-evolution movement.

"Answering the Biochemical Argument from Design"
The ID movement pretends that its biochemical arguments against evolution are new, novel, and scientific. In fact, they are nothing of the sort.

A Debate on Evolution - In 1997, NOVA asked Phillip Johnson and me to write four brief essays for an internet debate on the scientific status of evolution.

Design on the Defensive - A series of essays written in response to the biochemical arguments raised by the ID movement against evolution.

A Review of Darwin's Black Box - A detailed review of Michael Behe's 1996 book, "Darwin's Black Box." For more criticism of Behe's views on evolution, check out "Behe's Empty Box."

Haeckel's Embryos - Critics of evolution charge that textbooks like those written by JoeLevine and me contain "fraudulent" drawings of embryos presented as evidence for evolution. Do they? This page explains what Joe and I did when we learned of a mistake in one of the illustrations in the Lionbook and Elephant Book.

The Peppered Moth - Critics of evolution also charge that the story of the peppered moth, presented in many textbooks as evidence for natural selection, is a fraud. But is it really? Check out this page for the real story.

Dissecting the Disclaimer - Over the past decade, several states have considered a version of the evolution disclaimer that Alabama has placed inside its science textbooks for many years. How strong is the "science" of the disclaimer? Take a look!

God, Darwin, and Kansas - Streaming video of my my September 6, 2001 lecture at the University of British Columbia.

Debating Design - Streaming video of lectures by Michael Behe and me at the June 2001 Conference on Evolution at Haveford College.

The PBS evolution series, which first aired in September 2001, has a superb web site of teaching resources for evolution.

When the evolution series aired, it was immediately attacked by the anti-evolution Discovery Institute. Their first charge, incredibly, was that PBS was "misleading" the public by claiming that all organisms share a universal genetic code. I wrote two essays exposing the scientific fallacies in these attacks:

A "Dying Theory" Fails Again (PDF)
DI Fails Again to "Crack" the Code (PDF)

The National Center for Science Education, a leading organization in the fight for scientific integrity, has also published a "Setting the Record Straight" document with these and other rebuttals of criticism of the PBS series (PDF).

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