Chapter 1
The Science of Biology

Chapter Resources

The World of Microscopy

An incredibly complete site (from Florida State Univ.) complete with special sections on the optics and history of the microscope, and even a series of web-operated virtual microscopes. Be sure not to miss the Virtual SEM - a Scanning Electron Microscope you can "operate" over the web!)

Understanding Science

A new web site that helps students and teachers explore the realities of the Scientific Method.


Think about it - One day long ago, someone looked around and wondered: Where did plants and animals come from? How did I come to be? Since then, humans have tried to answer these questions in different ways. Some ways of explaining the world have stayed the same over time. Science, however, is always changing.

Key Questions

What are the goals of science?
What procedures are at the core of scientific methodology?
What scientific attitudes help generate new ideas?
Why is peer review important?
What is a scientific theory?
What is the relationship between science & society?
What characteristics do all living things share?
What are the central themes of Biology?
How do the fields of biology differ in their approach?
How is the metric system important in science?

Height by Prescription

A young boy is being treated with a compound called HGH. But he isn't sick - he's just a little short for his age. But if the boy isn't sick, why does his doctor prescribe HGH? And what does this case say about science and society?

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Science & Society

Who should fund product safety studies?