Chapter 18

Chapter Resources

The Three Domains

The Tree of Life
(An extraordinary web site that allows students to explore biological diversity)

Making Cladograms
A student exercise from Indiana University

What is Cladistics?

The Evolution of Flight

What did T. rex Taste Like?

@ the University of Michigan



The Science of Biology
Q: What is the goal of biologist who classify living things?

Think about it - Scientists have been trying to identify, name, and find order in the diversity of life for a long time.In recent decades, biologists have been completing a changeover from older systems of names and classification to a newer strategy that is based on evolutionary theory.

Key Questions Include:

What are the goals of bionomial nomenclature and systematics?
How did Linneaus group species into larger taxa?
What is the goal of evolutionary classification?
What is a cladogram?
How are DNA sequences used in classification?
What are the six kingdoms of life?
What does the tree of life show?

SciLinks: Classification

Grin and Bear It

If you simply looked at a polar bear and a brown bear,you would probably never doubt that they are members of the same species. They can even mate and produce fertile offspring. But are they really members of the same species?

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Bar-Coding Life