Chapter 27
Animal Systems I


Structure & Function
Q: How do the structures of animals allow them to obtain essential materials and eliminate waste?

Think about it - OFrom tiny insects that dine on our blood, to bison that feed on prarie grassses, to giant blue whales that feed on plankton, all animals are heterotrophs that obtain nutrients and energy from food. In fact, adaptations for different styles of feeding are a large part of what makes animals so interesting.

Key Questions Include:

WHow do animals obtain food?
How does digestion occur in animals?
How are mouth parts adapted for different diets?
What characteristics do the respiratory structures of all animals share?
How do aquatic animals breathe?
What respiratory structures enable land animals to breathe?
How do animals manage toxic nitrogenous waste?
How do aquatic animals eliminate wastes?
How do land animals remove wastes while conserving water?

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(Near) Death by Salt Water

It started as an adventure. Some college buddies tried their own version of a "survivor" experience. During summer vacation, they were dropped off on an uninhabited tropical island, with minimal supplies. They would be picked up in a few days. But things didn't go as planned.

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Bioartificial Kidneys

The Kidneys and how they Work

(from the National Institutes of Health)