Chapter 29 (TX Ch 30 )
Animal Behavior

Chapter Resources

California Bird Talk
(with recordings of western bird songs)

Neatly-groomed mice

(is there a gene for looking good?)

Operant Conditioning

Featuring the work of BF Skinner and others

Are Human Societies Starting to Resemble Ant Societies?



Q: How do animals interact with one another and their environments?

Think about it - At a table at a Caribbean seaside restaurant, a tourist eats a hamburger, unaware that ghe's being watched - by an iguana. What's the animal doing? This particular iguana has learned that getting close to humans can mean easy access to food.

Key Questions Include:

What is the significance of behavior in the evolution of animal species?
What is an innate behavior?
What are the major types of learning?
How do many complex behaviors arise?
How do environmental changes affect behavior?
How do social behaviors increase evolutionary fitness?
How do animals communicate with others in their environments?

SciLinks: Animal Communication

Elephant Caller ID?

On a hot, dusty afternoon in Africa's Etosha National Park in Namibia a group of elephants approaches a watering hole. They begin to drink and splash around. Suddenly, they freeze. What are these elephants doing, and why?

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Rescue Dogs?

Marine Mammals?