Chapter 31
The Nervous System

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Uncovering Addition Genes

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Drugs and the Brain
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Action Potential Simulator

Electrical Signaling in the Neuron

The Senses
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Decoding Our Senses

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Structure and Function
Q: How does the structure of the nervous systems allow it to regulate functions in every part of the body?

Think about it - All of us are aware of the world outside our bodies. How do we know about that world? How do you really know whats happening outside? When you reached for this book and opened it to this page, how did you make these things happen? Even more mysteriously, how did the words on this page that you are reading right now get into your mind? The answers to all these questions are to be found in the nervous system.   

Key Questions Include:

What are the functions of the nervous system?
What is the function of a neuron?
How does a nerve impulse begin?
Where does processing of information occur in the nervous system?
How do drugs change the brain and lead to addiction?
How does the central nervous system receive information?
How do muscles and glands receive commands from the central nervous system?

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Poisoning on the High Seas

From the middle to the late 1700s, Captain James Cook commanded several voyages of discovery to the South Pacific for Great Britain.

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The Brain and Addiction