Chapter 34
Endocrine & Reproductive Systems


Q: How does the body use chemical signals to maintain homeostasis?

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Key Questions Include:

What are the components of the endocrine system?
How do hormones affect cells?
What are the functions of the major endocrine glands?
How are endocrine glands controlled?
What effects do estrogens and testosterone have on males and females?
What are the main functions of the male reproductive system?
What are the main functions of the female reproductive system?
What are some of the most common STDs?
What takes place during fertilization and early human development?
What important events occur during the later stages of human development?

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E. E. Just (p. 996) was one of the pioneers of cellular and developmental biology. For information about his life and work check out these links:
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(Medical University of South Carolina)
"A Biologist par Excellence"