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Chapter 14
The Human Genome

In this chapter, students will read about the basic principles of human genetics and the organization of the human genome, as well as techniques for manipulating DNA, including the production of recombinant organisms. Students will also be introduced to some of the technology being used to study and manipulate human DNA and some of the anticipated applications of this technology

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Section 14-1: Human Heredity
All egg cells carry a single X chromosome (23X). However, half of all sperm cells carry an X chromosome (23X), and half carry a Y chromosome (23Y). This ensures that just about half of the zygotes will be 46XX (female), and half will be 46XY (male).
In both cystic fibrosis and sickle cell disease, a small change in the DNA of a single gene affects the structure of a protein, causing a serious genetic disorder.

Section 14-2: Human Chromosomes
Males have just one X chromosome. Thus, all X-linked alleles are expressed in males, even if they are recessive.
Nondisjunction causes gametes to have abnormal numbers of chromosomes, which in turn causes a chromosome number disorder.

Section 14-3: Human Molecular Genetics
The Human Genome Project is an attempt to sequence all human DNA.
In gene therapy, an absent or faulty gene is replaced by a normal, working gene.


Insights into the Human Genome
A page of facts and figures about the Human Genome Sequencing Project.

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