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 The Human Genome: A Top 10 List

With apologies to David Letterman, Here is my own Top Ten List of amazing facts about the Human Genome Sequence. (Ken Miller)

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Click Here to Visit the Genome Information Page at ORNL (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

Top 10 Slides:

10) Basic Facts (How many, how much, what for?)

9) Of Mice and Men (Similarities to other genomes)

8) What do all Those Genes Do?

7) Who's Biggest? (We humans have more genes than other organisms in every category . . . except one!)

6) Well, What's the Answer? (Does the sequence give quick answers to pressing health issues?)

5) What's Missing? (Is the human genome sequence really complete?)

4) How Many? (How many genes do we have . . . really??)

3) What Can't We Do with the Sequence? (For example, once we find a gene, can we predict the structure of the protein it will produce).

2) Where does Most of our Genome Come From? (Hint: The answer will not fill you with pride!)

1) What's left to do? (Just about everything)

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