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 Gateway to the Human Genome

Tools for Students and Teachers to Explore the Human Genome


To help high school Biology teachers and students explore the data from the Human Genome Project, we've constructed this Gateway to take you directly to the data produced by the project.

We've even constructed a "Scavenger Hunt," a series of problems suitable for high school students, to help students learn how to explore the genome, locate specific genes, and find DNA sequences.

We've designed these materials to complement Chapter 14 ("The Human Genome") of our new HS Biology textbook — but anyone is welcome to use what we've put together. Good Luck!

Ken Miller and Joe Levine
A Resource Page for the Dragonfly Book


Human Genome Resource Page
We've put together an ever-changing variety of links to educational resources related to the Human Genome Project

Human Genome Scavenger Hunt
The web-based tools used to search the Human Genome database are now so advanced they can be easily used by students. Ken Miller has written a series of scavenger hunt targets that your students will enjoy finding.

A Guide to Searching the Human Genome
To go along wih the Scavenger Hunt, I've written an easy to understand guide to how to use the genome searching tools. You're welcome to copy, distribute, and use it in any way you like.

Top Ten Facts About the Human Genome
Ten facts, in David Letterman style, about the human genome that we'll bet you didn't know!

Can you find the Gene?
A 2-page Worksheet Problem that challenges you to find an actual gene in a 400 base DNA sequence. Click HERE for the Solution. (Both are PDF files)

A Circular Genetic Code Table
A New Way to Help Students Visualize the Genetic Code: Most books represent the Genetic Code in a traditional, rectangular format. The Dragonfly Book uses a Circular Code Table that your students will find easier to use and easier to understand

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