Chapter 10 Mystery
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Newt Limb Regeneration
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Will we ever regenerate human limbs?
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Fingernails and Regeneration
(No kidding!)


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Pet Shop Accident

Julia stared into the salamander tank in horror. As an assistant in a pet shop, Julia had mistakenly put a small salamander in the same tank as a large one. Just as she realized her error, the large salamander had attacked and bit off one of the small salamander's limbs.

Acting quickly, Julia scooped up the injured salamander and put it in its own tank. She was sure it would die before her shift ended. But she was wrong! Days passed . . . then weeks. Every time Julia checked on the salamander, she was more amazed at what she saw. How did the salamander's body react to losing a limb? As you read this chapter, look for clues to help you predict the salamander's fate. Think about the cell processes that would be involved. Then, solve the mystery.