Chapter 10
Cell Growth & Division

Chapter Resources

Nobel Prize - 2012
(Awarded for Yamanka's production of iPS cells)

Cells Alive
(spectacular video clips of cell division and other processes)

The Cell Cycle

The Stages of Mitosis

Cell Division
(A series of videos)

Online Onion Root Tips
(from the Univ. of Arizona)



Growth, Development, & Reproduction
Q: How does a cell produce a new cell??

Think about it - When a living organism grows, what happens to its cells? Does an organism get larger because each cell increases in size, or because it produces more of them?

Key Questions Include:

What are some of the difficulties a cell faces as it increases in size?
How do asexual and sexual reproduction compare?
What is the role of chromosomes in cell division?
What are the main events of the cell cycle?
What events occur during each of the four phases of mitosis?
How do daughter cells split apart after mitosis?
How is the cell cycle regulated?
How do cancer cells differ from other cells?
What are stem cells?
What are some possible benefits and issues associated with stem cell research?

Per Shop Accident

Julia stared into the salamander tank in horror. .. a large salamander had attack and bit off one of the small salamander's limbs!

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Fluorescence Microscopy
(A Technology & Biology Update)