Chapter 11 Mystery
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Green Parakeets

Susan's birthday was coming up. Parakeets make great pets, so Susan's parents decided to give two birds to her as a birthday present. At the pet store, they selected two healthy green parakeets - one male and one female. They knew that green was Susan's favorite color.

Susan was delighted about her birthday present. She fed the birds and kept their cage clean. A few weeks later, Susan found three small eggs in the birds' nest. Should couldn't wait to welcome three new green p[arakeets. When the eggs finally hatched, however, Susan was amazed. None of the chicks were green. One was white, one was blue, and one was yellow. Why weren't any of them green? What had happened to the green color of the birds' parents? As you read this chapter, look for clues to help you identify why the parakeet chicks were differently colored from their parents. Then, solve the mystery.