Chapter 11 - Genetics

Chapter Resources

A History of Genetics
(A great site with copies of papers describing key experiments in the development of genetics as a science)

Genetics Education Center
From the University of Kansas: genetics education resources and links to a host of useful web pages

Classical Genetics
A sensational web page that takes you through the basic principles of genetics (from the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in Long Island)

Mendelian Genetics
A tutorial with problem sets, excellent graphics, and explanations of some of the most important principles of Mendelian genetics.

A web site with Gregor Mendel's original paper on pea genetics, and a host of other teaching and learning resources.



Information & Heredity
Q: How does biological information pass from one generation to another??

Think about it - What is an inheritance? To many people, it is money or property left to them by a relative. But there is another kind of inheritance that is actually much more important to each of us. That is the biological inheritance we receive from our parents.


Key Questions Include:

Where does an Organism get its unique characteristics?
How are different forms of a gene pass to offspring?
How can we use probabilities to predict traits?
How do alleles segregate when more than one gene is involved?
What did Mendel contribute to Genetics?
What are some exceptions to Mendel's principles?
Does the environment play a role in genetics?
How many sets of genes are found in adult organisms?
What events occur during each phas of meiosis
How is meoisis different from mitosis?
How can alleles from different genes be inherited together?


Active Art - Analyzing Meiosis
SciLinks - Meiosis & Genetics

Green Parakeets

How can two green parakeets, male and female, produce white, blue, and yellow offspring?

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