Chapter 15
Genetic Engineering

Chapter Resources

Dolly - the Cloned Sheep
Dolly was the first cloned mammal. She passed away in 2003. This NY Times article describes her importance to Biology.

Genetically Engineered Animals
(from the Food and Drug Administration)

Genetic Engineering News
(from Scientific American)

What is Genetically-Modified Food?

What is Genetic Engineering?

The History of Popcorn




Science as a Way of Knowing
Q: How and why do scientists manipulate DNA in living cells?

Think about it - You've probably enjoyed popcorn at the movies, you've probably made it at home, and you've certainly seen it in stores. Where does it come from? Would it surprise you to learn that popcorn is one of the eraliest examples of human efforts to select and improve living organisms for our own benefit? It is.

Key Questions Include:

What is selective breeding used for?
How do people increase genetic variation?
How do scientists copy the DNA of living organisms?
How is recombinant DNA used?
How can genes from one organism be inserted into another?
How can genetic engineering benefit agriculture and industry?
How can recombinant DNA technology improve human health?
How is DNA used to identify individuals?
What privacy issuews does biotechnology raise?
Are GM foods safe?
Should genetic modification experiments be closely regulated?

Active Art: Gel Electrophoresis
SciLinks: Genetic Engineering


A Case of Mistaken Identity

In the summer of 1998, an elderly Indiana woman was brutally asaulted. In the predawn darkness, she didn't get a look at her assailant's face. At first, police arrested a suspect who just had to be the attacker. The blood stains on his clothing matched the victim and there were scratches from a fight on his forearms. But they were wrong...

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Natural Genetic Engineering