Chapter 14
Human Genetics

Chapter Resources

DNA Testing
An Introduction

The Biotech Death of Jesse Gelsinger
A moving article from the NY Times about a boy's death during an attempt at gene therapy.

The DNA Files
From National Public Radio

The Human Genome Project

An Archive of files



Information & Heredity
Q: How can we use genetics to study human inheritance?

Think about it - If you had to pick an ideal organism for the study of genetics, would you choose one that produced lots of offspring? One that was easy to grow in the lab? You certainly would not pick one that had a long lifespan, produced few offspring, and couldn't be cultured in the lab - in short, you wouldn't pick human beings! Given all of that, it's a wonder we know as much about human genetics as we do.

Key Questions Include:

What is a karyoptype?
What patterns of inheritance do human traits follow?
How can pedigrees be used to analyze human inheritance?
How do small changes in DNA affect human traits?
What are the effects of errors in meiosis?
What techniques are used to study human DNA?
What were the goals of the Human Genome Project?

Active Art: Constructing a Pedigree
SciLinks: Heredity

The Crooked Cell

When Ava visited her uncle Eli in the hospital, he appeared tired and pale. "I've got sickle cell disease," Uncle Eli explained, short of breath.

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Are laws Protecting Genetic Privacy Necessary?