Chapter 21
Protists and Fungi

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International Malaria Foundation
(all about these marvelous mutualists)

Protist Biology

(University of New mexico)

American Mushrooms

(web page of a mushroom enthusiast)




Interdependence in Nature
Q: How do protists and fungi affect the homeostasis of other organisms and ecosystems?

Think about it - One day long ago, ......

Key Questions Include:

What are protists?
How are protists related to other eukaryotes?
What is the ecological significance of protists?
How do heterotrophic protists obtain food?
How do protists move in the environment?
How do protists reproduce?
What types of symbiotic relationships involve protists?
What are the basic characteristics of fungi?
How do fungi affect homeostasis in other organisms and the environment?

The Irish Potato Famine
A Digital History

Active Art: Amoeba & Paramecium
SciLinks: The Protists
SciLinks: The Fungi

"A Blight of Unusual Character"

Within the first few decades of the 19th century, Ireland became heavily dependent on potato farming. Then, in the summer of 1845, something strange began to happen. A magazine noted that a "blight of unusual character" was attacking potatoes. What followed was one of the greatest mass migrations in human history.

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Low-Tech Weapons against a High-Tech Parasite
(Efforts to beat malaria with specialized mosquito netting)