Chapter 22
Introduction to Plants

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The USDA Plant Database

The Fern Society

(Yes, there is one, and it has a great web site)

The Plants of Texas

A complete list of the vascular plants of Texas.



Unity and Diversity of Life
Q: What are the five main groups of plants, and how have four of these groups adapted to life on land?

Think about it - What's the coplor of life? That's a silly question, because living things can be just about any color. But close your eyes and imagine yourself surrounded by life. Now what color do you see? If you've imagined a thick forest of a teeming jungle, then just one color will fill your mind: green - the color of plants!

Key Questions Include:

What do plants need to survive?
How did plants adapt to life on land?
What feature defines most plant life cycles?
What are the characteristics of green algae?
What factor limits the size of bryophytes
How is vascular tissue important?
What adaptations allow seed plants to reproduce without standing water?
How does fertilization take place in gymnosperms?
What are the key features of angiosperm reproduction?
How are different angiosperms classified?

SciLinks: Classifying Plants
Active Art: The Bryophyte Life Cycle

Stone Age Storytellers

Some 5300 years ago, a man died on a remote mountain pass in the Alps. In 1991, the glacier that had kept him frozen so long melted, revealing his well-preserved corpse. Some of the most interesting evidence found with the "Iceman" came from plant material.

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The Angiosperm Life Cycle


Plant-Related Careers
Plant Pathologist
Botanical Illustrator