Chapter 25
Introduction to Animals

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Animal Diversity Web

Amphioxus to the Vertebrate Body Plan
A stunning video showing the essentials of the chordate body plan)

The Origin of Animal Body Plans

Article from The American Scientist

SlideShare: Animal Body plans



Unity & Diversity of Life
Q: What characteristics and traits define animals?

Think about it - An osprey circles a salt marsh searching for prey. Suddenly it dives, extending razor-sharp talons. With a triumphant whistle, it carries a struggling fish back to its young. On the bottom of the bay, worms burrow beneath rocks carpeted with orange sponges. In the air above, mosquitoes swarm, searching for a blood meal. All of these different inhabitants of the Atlantic coast are animals.

Key Questions Include:

What characteristics do all animals share?
What characteristics distinguish invertebrates from chordates?
What essential functions must animals perform to survive?
What are some features of animal body plans?
How are animal phyla defined?

SciLinks: Invertebrates
SciLinks: Chordates

Slime Day at the Beach

It was a warm October day in Massachusetts when phone calls started streaming in to beach offices, aquariums, and even 911 lines. Beaches near Boston were coated with a thick, glistening layer of jellylike ooze. Beachgoers were mystified and worried.

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