Chapter 24
Plant Reproduction & Response

Chapter Resources

The Flowering Plants
(from the UC Berkeley Museum)

All About Plant Hormones

(A UK web site)

Plant Reproduction

A Microscopic Study

The History of Agriculture
(from the USDA)

Vegetative Propagation of Houseplants

(a handy guide for indoor gardeners)



Growth, Development, & Reproduction
Q: How do changes in the environment affect the reproduction, development, and growth of plants?

Think about it - OWhat makes a flower beautiful? The symmetry of its petals, its rich colors, and sometimes, its fragrance. But at the heart of it, what's behind this beauty? The answer is, simply, angiosperm reproduction. To a plant, the whole point of a flower is to bring gametes together for reproduction and to protect the resulting zygote and embryo.

Key Questions Include:

What are flowers?
How does fertilization in Angiosperms differ from other plants?
What is vegetative reproduction?
How do fruits form?
How are seeds dispersed?
What factors influence dormancy and germination of seeds?
Which crops are the major food supply for humans?
What are some of the benefits humans derive from plants?

Active Art: Structure of a Flower
SciLinks: Seed Structure & Function

SciLinks: Plant Hormones

The Green Lemons

For years, a California warehouse had stored freshly picked green lemons before they were shipped to market. The warehouse managers knew that the lemons would always be ripe and yellow and ready to ship to market about five days after they arrived. Or so they thought ...

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