Chapter 6
Humans in the Biosphere

Chapter Resources

International Biosphere Reserves
(a UNESCO site)

Renewable Resources
(from the US Dept. of Energy)

Your Ecological Footprint

Footprint Calculator

The Nature Conservancy
(an organization dedicated to preserving natural regions of the world)

Defenders of Wildlife

Biodiversity Hotspots
(from Conservation International)

Welcome to the Anthropocene

Climate Change
(from the US EPA)


Interdependence in Nature
Q: How have human activities shaped local and global ecology?

Think about it - The first humans to settle Hawaii came from Polynesia about 1600 years ago. These island people had customs that protected the natural resources of their new home...

Key Questions Include:

How do our daily activities affect the environment?
What is the relationship between resource use and sustainable development?
Why is soil important, and how do we protect it?
What are the sources of water pollution?
What are the forms of air pollution?
Why is Biodiversity important?
How do we preserve Biodiversity?
How does the ecological footprint in America compare to the world average?
How can ecology guide us to a sustainable future?

Moving the Moai

Easter Island is a tiny speck of land in the vast PAcific Ocean off the coast of Chile with a harsh tropical climate. ...

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Case Study #1
Atmospheric Ozone