Chapter 7
Cell Structure & Function

Chapter Resources

The World of Microscopy

An incredibly complete site (from Florida State Univ.) complete with special sections on the optics and history of the microscope, and even a series of web-operated virtual microscopes. Be sure not to miss the Virtual SEM - a Scanning Electron Microscope you can "operate" over the web!)

Do Plant Cells have lysosomes?

The answer is "yes," according to author and cell biologist Ken Miller.

How Osmosis Works

Diffusion & Osmosis
(How they're related)

So, just What is an Organelle?




The Science of Biology
Q: What role does science play in the study of life?

Think about it - What's the smallest part of any living thing that still counts as being "alive" As we will see, as we divide living things into smaller and smaller parts, there really is a point at which what's left would no longer be alive. That point is the basic unit of life itself - the living cell.

Key Questions Include:

What is the cell theory?
How do microscopes work?
How do prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells differ?
What are organelles?
What are the principal organelles of cells?
What is the function of the cell membrane?
What are active and passive transport?
What is osmosis?
What is homeostasis?
How do cells maintain homeostasis?

Death by ... Water?

Near the end of a marathon, a runner collapses and is taken to an emergency room. Is it possible that instead of drinking too little water during the race, she actually drank too much? And if so, why would that be a problem?

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iBio Magazine, hosted by the Cell Biology Society, has short videos on cell biology, presented by leading researchers.

Here's a great iBio Talk by Janet Iwaza, a scientific illustrator at Harvard.