Chapter 8

Chapter Resources

Why Study Photosynthesis?
Because it's the most important biological process on earth, as this site explains.

An introduction to Photosynthesis
From Arizona State University.

Separating Photosynthetic Pigments
A great lab exercise for studying photosynthetic pigments.

Making Pictures with Photosynthesis
From Access Excellence

Flower Resources
(from a student at Monument Charter School)

From the USDA Forest Service

Building a Greenhouse

Helpful tips and ideas, thanks to Kelly McCardle.

Think about it - Homeostasis is hard work. Just to stay alive, organisms and the cells within them have to grow and develop, move materials around, build new molecules, and respond to environmental changes. Plenty of energy is needed to accomplish all this work. Where does all that energy come from?

Key Questions

Why is ATP useful to cells?
What happens in photosynthesis?
What role do pigments play in photosynthesis?
What are electron carriers?
What are the reactants and products of photosynthesis?
What happens in the light-dependent reactions?
What happens in the light-independent reactions?
What factors affect photosynthesis?

Discovering Photosynthesis
(special thanks to Nicole for this link!)

Out of Thin Air?

When a tiny seed grows into a huge tree, where does all the extra mass come from? From the soil? From water? Or, from somewhere else?

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