Chapter 9
Respiration & Fermentation

Chapter Resources

Cellular Respiration
(from the Biology Place)

Respiration Simulation

"Cell Respiration"
A YouTube Song!

Pathways of Respiration
from Maricopa College

An online quiz.



Cellular Basis of Life
Q: How do organisms obtain energy?

Think about it - When you are hungry, how do you feel? You might feel weak, even a little dizzy, and you know the solution. It's time to eat. But how does food get converted into a usable form of energy?

Key Questions Include:

Where do organisms get energy?
What is Cellular Respiration?
What is the relationship between Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration?
What happens in Glycolysis & the Krebs Cycle?
How much ATP does cellular respiration generate?
How do organisms generate energy when oxygen is not available?

Diving Without a Breath

Could you hold your breath for 45 minutes? (Hint: don't try! Holding your breath for a long time can be dangerous).

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Should Creatine Supplements be Regulated?