Chapter 12 - DNA

Chapter Resources

The Watson & Crick paper
It's just a single page - and is a masterpiece of scientific writing

The Secret of Photo 51
This NOVA program reveals the inside story of Rosalind Franklin and her role in the discovery of the Double Helix structure.

DNA Resources from the DNA Learning Center at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory:

An illustrated history of the Story of DNA.

DNA Interactive. An innovative, interactive learning site for the study of DNA.

How genes influence your health - and what you can do about it.




Information & Heredity, the Cellular Basis of Life
Q: What is the structure of DNA, and how does it function in genetic inheritance?

Think about it - One day long ago, ......

Key Questions Include:

What clues did bacterial transformation yield about the gene?
What role did viruses play in identifying the genetic material?
What is the role of DNA in Heredity?
What are the chemical components of DNA?
What clues helped scientists to solve the structure of DNA?
What does the double-helix model tell us about DNA?
What role does DNA Polymerase play in replication?
How does DNA reoplication differe in prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells?

DNA Origami (Template and Instructions)

Active Art - DNA Replication

UV Light

"Put on your sunscreen!" That's something you'll hear all the time at the beach on a sunny day. But why? What is there about sunlight that is so damaging to skin cells? As you'll see, the answer comes from the effect of particular wavelengths of light on DNA itself.

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Photo 51 by Rosalind Franklin

A Timeline of Events
in the Study of DNA