Chapter 13
RNA & Protein Synthesis


Information & Heredity
Q: How does information flow from DNA to RNA to direct the synthesis of proteins?

Think about it - We know that DNA is the genetic material, and we know the sequence of nucleotide bases in its strands must carry some sort of code. For that code to work, the cell must be able to understand it. What exactly do those bases code for? And, where is the celkl's decoding system. That's what we will try to find out in this chapter.

Key Questions Include:

How does RNA differ from DNA?
How does the cell make RNA?
What is the Genetic Code and how is it read?
WHat role does the Ribosome play?
What is the "Central Dogma" of Molecular Biology?
What are mutations?
How do mutations affect genes?
How are prokaryotic genes regulated?
How are genes regulated in eukaryotic cells?
What controls the development of cells and tissues?

Active Art: Protein Synthesis
SciLinks: Protein Synthesis

Mouse-Eyed Fly

It definitely was not a science fiction movie. The animal in the laboratory was real, and it wasn't a monster. It was simply a fruit fly with eyes in some very strange places.

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From DNA to Protein
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