Chapter 23
Plant Structure & Function

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What do tree rings in wood tell about a plant?

From the University of Arizona

Backyard Plants
How roots and stems actually work

Plant Tissue Types

Roots - How do they Work?
A video exploration of root function

The Anatomy of Wood



Structure and Function
Q: How are cells, tissues, and organs organized into systems that carry out the basic functions of a seed plant?

Think about it - Have you ever wondered in plants were really alive? Compared to animals, plants don't seem to do very much. But if you look deep inside a plant, this impression of inactivity disappears almost immediately.

Key Questions Include:

What are the three principal organs of seed plants?
What are the primary functions of the main tissue systems of plants?
How do meristems differ from other plant tissues?
What are the main tissues in a mature root?
What are the different functions of roots?
What are the three main functions of stems?
How do primary and secondary growth occur in stems?
How is the structure of a leaf adapted to aid in photosynthesis?
What roles to stomata play in maintaining homeostasis?
What are the majopr forces that transport water in a plant?
What drives the movement of fluid through phloem tissue?

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The Hollow Tree

As you hike through a Central American rain foreston a steamy afternoon, you find a massive tree standing before you. But there's something strange about it. Moving closer, you discover that the tree is completely hollow. What gives?

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All About Stomata

(from a research lab at Washington University)